Sunday, October 3, 2010

My job

Hey guys, I'm currently off work for a few weeks cause I got a busted knee, so I thought I'd take some time to talk about what I do for a living. I work at 2 movie theaters that are downtown in my city as a projectionist. One of them uses digital projectors, so it's all automated, the other one uses 35mm film, which I personally think is much more interesting.

The way that the digital projectors work is, movies get sent to us on hard drives, and you plug them into a server on the back of the projector, and the load the movie onto the server. This then allows you to put previews in front of the movie, and set cues for when to turn off the lights, and when to stop playing music in the theater and start the movie's audio.

The way the 35mm works is, instead of running reels through a projector, then splicing them as the movie runs (As seen in Fight Club and Inglorious Basterds) The way it works now is there is a system of platters that every reel of film is spliced together on, the film runs out from the center of the platter, through a series of rollers, through the projector, then back up to another platter which is rewinding the film. Which looks like this:

Personally I prefer working with film. The picture quality isn't as good, but it's a much more hands-on approach, and I like being able to keep my hands busy.


  1. sounds like an interesting job, but i must admit that i am a little disappointed that you are unable to plaster pictures of your dick into films like in fightclub.

  2. I like the classic way better anyhow.

  3. The classic way sounds fun but who can resist the urge for piracy of the digital copies.